Economists for Brexit, the group that campaigned hard in the closing weeks of the referendum campaign to demonstrate the economic upside to leaving the EU, has re-launched in an expanded form. Its intention is to combat the efforts of the defeated Remain campaign to draw the UK into a fudged ‘EU Lite’ settlement that would be the worst of both worlds.

The original ‘gang of 8’ leading economists – including well-known figures such as Roger Bootle, Dr Gerard Lyons and Professor Patrick Minford – has expanded into a new Efb Policy Advisory Group to include Professor David Blake of Cass Business School, Professor Kevin Dowd of Durham University, Martin Howe QC, Britain’s leading expert on sovereignty and the EU, and Graeme Leach, CEO and Chief Economist of Macronomics.

During the campaign Economists for Brexit comprised of eight independent, leading economists who were convinced of the strong economic case for leaving the EU. The purpose of this group is to explain the very clear economic arguments in favour of Brexit, offering the public - who are crying out for clarity on the economics of Brexit - facts based on proven economic models, as opposed to speculation.



The Economists for Brexit experts lay out the optimal economic and legal outcome for the UK, taking into account the clear view expressed by the outcome of the EU Referendum on June 23 in the following paper:

A vote for Brexit: what are the policies to follow after and what are the economic prospects?

Economists for Brexit presentation slides from the 13th July 2016 can be viewed here


The Economy after Brexit

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The Treasury Report on Brexit: A Critique

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